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24 Hours Before
Your Appointment

Day of Your

For the best results shower the day before your appointment. If you need to shower the day of, please rinse off 4 hours before your appointment.
Exfoliate the day before your appointment. It is not recommended to exfoliate the day of your tan, your skin needs to restore it's natural oils to achieve the best results. 

I like to use exfoliating tools with a gentle soap. Please avoid all Dove products. Before and after instead use all natural/gentle liquid soap.

Avoid using sugar and salt scrubs as they tend to be very heavy in oil which can cause a barrier on your skin.

Hair removal including; shaving, waxing, sugaring and threading needs to be done the day before you tan. Remember, you'll only need to remove whatever you normally remove. If you do not normally shave your arms, please do not shave your arms!

Pick up the 60 second tan remover at your next appointment, this is perfect for removing any left over sunless tanning products, or if you need to come tan back to back weeks this will remove any left over spray tan. This product is to be used 24 hours before your sunless tan appointment.

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Please do not shower right before your appointment.

If you like to tan your face, come in with no face make-up on and your hair tied up out of your face.

Products on your skin can cause a barrier to the tan. Lotion, perfume, sunscreen, deodorant, or oils are all cause for an uneven tanning application. 

Jewelry is best left home, as you'll be taking it all off for your session anyways! 

If you have been spending time in the sun, and have any signs of over-exposure/burning/peeling I cannot spray over that area. 

Wear or bring dark loose fitting clothing. I like to wear baggy sweat pants and a loose hoodie/ baggy top. Flip flops are the best type of shoes to bring.

I highly recommend against wearing tight clothing such as, work-out clothing, jeans, bras, light colors.

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