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Airbrush Tan FAQ


Where is the studio located?


Hush Heated Airbrush Tan is located inside Sola Salon Studios. When you make an appointment you will receive an email with detailed directions to find us, please make sure to read through the email before your appointment. 


What kind of solution do you use?

Hush uses the best of the best when it comes to your tan! Come in and check out our Eco-cert certified, Vegan, Paraben & Formaldehyde free, wheat free solution! 

When is the best time to schedule an appointment?


If you are tanning for a special event, try to schedule 1 to 2 days prior to your event. If you are leaving for vacation, the day before you leave is best. 

Try to schedule your appointment after any hair removal appointments, massages, nail treatments, or exercising. 

If you are not able to schedule a nail appointment before your tan, that is ok, just ask them skip feet soaking and scrubbing. 



Do I need to shower and exfoliate right before my appointment?


It is best to shower, shave and exfoliate 24 hours before you appointment. If you are coming in for an appointment right after work, please do not feel the need to go home and shower before coming in, as long as you exfoliated the night before or morning of your appointment. If you are coming in right after work, just bring a change of clothes and make up remover wipes!


What should I wear during my session?


Women can wear anything you feel the most comfortable in. Anything you wear during your session will leave a line. Some women wear, bathing suit, disposable underwear, or nude.

Men, must wear a bathing suit/ shorts. 


What should I wear after my session?


Bring anything that is easy to put on after, dresses you can step into rather than putting over your head is best. Baggy sweat pants and a baggy shirt are my personal favorite for after tanning attire. 

Try to avoid bringing anything in light colors. Dark colors are best!


Will this cover my tan lines?


This is a great questions that comes up often. Depending on the type of tan line and the severity, will determine your outcome. An airbrush tan will definitely help to soften the lines, but you may be able to see your lines a bit after your tan is developed. 



What if I had too much sun exposure before my appointment?


This is something very important to take into consideration before scheduling an appointment. If you are in the sun for too long during the days leading up to your appointment, and you start peeling after you have an airbrush tan, it can look worse. Please be very mindful of this before scheduling an appointment. I cannot be held responsible if this does happen, as your skin peeling due to previous sun exposure is not related to the results of your airbrush tan. 


How long will my airbrush tan last?


With the proper prepping and after care, your tan will last 7 to 10 days. It is very important to keep your skin moisturized through out the entire life of your tan for the best fading process. The products you're using before and after your tan will play a role in how your tan fades. Please ask about what products we recommend!


Will I turn orange?


No! The faux tanning world has evolved so much that this is not something you should not be worried about! As a trained professional, I will help pick out the best formulation to fit your skin tone. Proper prepping and after care will also keep your tan looking as natural as possible.


If I wait longer to shower will my tan get darker?


No, in fact, we don't recommend waiting longer than the recommended time to rinse off. 

Can I tan while pregnant?

Congratulations! I always recommend talking with your doctor before scheduling an appointment. Most doctors recommend waiting until you're out of your first trimester, and to wear a mask and underwear during your session. 



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